Tasks are now supported on both Android and the desktop (via EteSync-DAV)! This is a long awaited feature and will get its own section below. In addition Tom will be giving a talk at FOSDEM based on his experience working on EteSync. Last but not least, there has been a lot of work on all clients.

This version is already available on Google Play, and will be available on F-Droid within the next few days.

Tasks support

Tasks support is finally here! To use it Android you'll need to use OpenTasks, a fully open source tasks app. On the desktop, you just need to setup EteSync DAV, like you would for Contacts and Calendars, and point your CalDAV support Tasks app (e.g. Thunderbird) to that. It's that easy!

EteSync DAV (desktop proxy client)

There's now a new script to help you set up SSL in case you want it. It's especially useful for MacOS Mojave, since the "Use SSL" toggle is broken and doesn't do anything. Thanks Odin Kroeger!

We also fixed a few bugs, and of course, added support for Tasks.

Android client

There have been a lot of changes here! Most of them behind the scenes, but some are very much visible.

  1. We updated the codebase to Kotlin and with it a few of our dependencies, bringing a lot of improvements and making it easier and faster to develop better software.
  2. Fix group support for many more (all?) clients. For some clients it worked, and for some it didn't. Now it works on more.
  3. Improve the event email invitations support to include more information in the summary email.
  4. Improved debug reporting: Some email clients (e.g. ProtonMail) don't support adding attachments from external apps, so we now add the debug reports to the email's body instead when such clients are installed.
  5. We also fixed a few bugs that were lurking around and causing crashes for some people.

And of course, also tasks support.


Tom will be giving a talk at FOSDEM based on his experience working on EteSync. Please drop by and say hi if you're there, and if you're not, the talk will be both live-streamed and recorded.

Call for help

As usual, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we would like to hear your thoughts. Do you have some suggestions? Noticed an issue? Please send patches, report issues, or contact us.

In addition, your contributions are always welcome! Be it testing, design, code, reporting issues or helping us spread the word! Every bit helps in making EteSync better for everyone. If you are interested in contributing and don't know where to start, please, just contact us!

Until next time…