We are happy to announce a long requested feature: associate accounts!

Associate accounts are a way for users of EteSync to let non-users view and edit their journals without needing to pay for their own EteSync account. One common example is sharing your calendar with your spouse or a colleague without needing them to subscribe to EteSync themselves.

What can associates do?

Associates can view and edit journals (e.g. calendars or address books) shared with them, just like any other would. They can also access their EteSync accounts from all the clients, on how many devices they would like and have no restrictions when interacting with the journals shared with them.

The one thing they can't do is create their own journals. This means that they can't have their own private journals, they can only access ones shared with them by other users.

How does it work?

You can get an associate registration link from the dashboard which you can then share with other people to let them register an associate account.

After they register, you can just share journals with them like you would with any other users. That's it.

Finishing notes

The associate accounts created using your registration link are not tied to your account. They can access any journal shared with them by any user.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on how we can make the associate accounts, or EteSync as a whole better.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions

As usual, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we would like to hear your thoughts. Do you have some suggestions? Noticed an issue? Please send patches, report issues, or contact us.

In addition, your contributions are always welcome! Be it testing, design, code, reporting issues or helping us spread the word! Every bit helps in making EteSync better for everyone. If you are interested in contributing and don't know where to start, please, just contact us!

Until next time…