Every now and then I'd get a question on Github or the community chat about the status of EteSync given that there hasn't been as much activity on the blog and the repos as there has been in the past.

The gist of it: the service works well, I and many others use it daily. However, I have much less time than before so the development of the apps has slowed down. With that being said they continue to be maintained, and they power many people's sync needs on a daily basis. Mine included.

The servers themselves are also actively maintained and are updated regularly. In fact, we had downtime earlier this week due to an upgrade (sorry again!). We also upgraded the billing code last month, and fixed some bugs with the email notification system.

As for support: all billing questions gets answered within a couple of days, though people asking technical questions are sent to the community chat for support. It's unfortunately unsustainable to provide personal technical support for $2 / month. Though the community (and documentation) have been great in answering all of the questions. Thanks a lot to everyone there!

The community is also very much alive, with people reporting issues, helping out with patches, etc. I'd love to get more people to help with the development of the server and various clients, there are a lot of cool features that could be built that are currently sitting in the backlog! Quite a few distros now include the EteSync libraries and server in their official repos, e.g. Arch, OpenWRT and Debian. Many thanks to the maintainers working on these.

We have some ideas for immediate improvements (thanks barath!) such as adding more maintainers, moving the docs to the wiki, and making sure to do more regular community updates. We will be working towards all of these in the upcoming months.

So in short: the service is alive and well, and we are providing privacy respecting and end-to-end encrypted sync for thousands of people on the hosted service, and many many more that host the server themselves.

Interested in helping maintaining EteSync? Please reach out at contact@etesync.com!