It's been a while since the last update. The main reason being is that there was nothing very interesting to write about. Just a few fixes and some minor changes. This, however, is no longer the case. :)

There are a few big changes, we'll go through them platform by platform, but there's one change that affects all of them. You no longer need an Android device to use EteSync! Previously you needed to log into the Android app at least once before using other platforms, but this is no longer the case, you can now also do it from the web app! More info below...

EteSync DAV (desktop proxy client)

In case you don't know what EtesSync DAV is, it's a piece of software that runs on your desktop to let you connect to EteSync with any DAV client (such as Thunderbird). For more information, take a look at the README.

Thanks to Dan Vittegleo (many thanks!) we now have a Docker image for etesync-dav, which makes it much easier to get etesync-dav up and running, especially for less technical users or Windows users. For more information, refer to the relevant section in the README.

Additionally, we fixed a few issues and by that improved Mac compatibility.

Android client

On of our more active contributors, Tal has recently introduced a feature letting you send email invitations to event attendees. This has been a long requested feature, and a big frustration for me personally. Extremely happy this is now solved.

Event attendee invitations is usually implemented on the server (in more open clients, such as Thunderbird, it's implemented on the client). However, since EteSync is end-to-end encrypted, our servers aren't able to read your events and send invitations. The way it works now in EteSync, is that for every event with an attendee, you'll get a notification asking you if you'd like to send an invitation using your device's email client. Problem solved.

Web client

Last, but definitely not least, is the web client. There have been a few important changes here. The first is what mentioned in the intro to this post. You can now use the web client to initialise your EteSync account (first login) instead of the previously required Android client. This should serve all of you who are using the web and desktop clients, but don't own an Android device.

Another important change, is that we now found and fixed the issue that was causing some users get integrity errors in some error cases. This change also comes with better explaining the error message.

The last change for the web client is a cosmetic one. In some cases, the calendar view wasn't filling the whole vertical screen which was a bit annoying, because it's essentially wasted space that could have been used to see calendar events. Well, this is now fixed.

Call for help

As usual, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we would like to hear your thoughts. Do you have some suggestions? Noticed an issue? Please send patches, report issues, or contact us.

In addition, your contributions are always welcome! Be it testing, design, code, reporting issues or helping us spread the word! Every bit helps in making EteSync better for everyone. If you are interested in contributing and don't know where to start, please, just contact us!

Until next time…