As you probably know EteSync is now supported natively by both KDE and GNOME. This means that you can now add EteSync accounts directly to GNOME, KDE and apps in their ecosystem such as Evolution, GNOME Calendar, Kontact and the likes.

This has been possible for a very long time using the DAV bridge, though with these integrations, the bridge is no longer needed.

As we said in the original announcement, the integrations will be released and packaged in distributions following the next GNOME and KDE releases. However, a lot of you have been asking about starting to use it now, and we can't blame you, as we wouldn't want to wait either! :)

Thanks to some hard work by daftaupe, sjolly, and others, there are now easy to use packages available for multiple distributions!

For the most up to date packaging information, please refer to the GNOME user guide and the KDE user guide. We are working on packages for more distributions every day. However at the time of this writing there are already packages for Arch (AUR), Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuse and Mageia depending on whether you use Evolution or KDE. In addition, if your distribution isn't listed above, you can always just build the plugins from source.

Do you know how to create packages for your favourite distro and are willing to help? Need any help with setting up the modules? Please join us at the chat (IRC/Matrix/Web) and let us know!

As usual, we would like to remind you that we rely on your feedback and contributions to make EteSync better. Do you have any suggestions or  are experiencing any issues? Please send patches, report issues or just contact us.

Come chat with us on IRC/Matrix, or follow us on Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, reddit or RSS for the latest updates and privacy-related content!