We have been working hard on a few projects we can't wait to release and share with you. Though until then, here are a few recent updates regarding the web client:

Dark Mode!

Dark mode has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and accordingly, a lot of you have been asking for it. We first introduced it to the web client more than a month ago, so if you happened to browse the settings page you might have noticed it.

Here is how it looks:

Event edit in dark mode
Event edit in dark mode

To enable it, just open the web client, go to Settings and enable dark mode. It's still not perfect so if you notice any issues, please report them at the issue tracker.

Support for tagging tasks

You can now add arbitrary tags to tasks in order to classify them to your liking. There's also autocomplete for a pre-configured list of tags, though we will soon improve it to autocomplete to any of your existing ones.

Significant performance improvements for lists

Some users were reporting slow rendering of address books and journal entries for very long journals. This was happening because we were rendering the long lists all at once instead of loading them gradually. This has now been fixed, and the lists load as needed.

As usual, we would like to remind you that we rely on your feedback and contributions to make EteSync better. Do you have any suggestions or  are experiencing any issues? Please send patches, report issues or just contact us.

Come chat with us on IRC/Matrix, or follow us on Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, reddit or RSS for the latest updates and privacy-related content!