New to Mastodon and don't know who to follow? We've done some research to get you started!

Here are five of our favorite profiles to get all the privacy news you need:

  1. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the best place to get your daily dose of news, being the most frequent tooter and a pioneer in fighting for the right to privacy. Follow them at
  2. (previously: offers ethical and privacy-friendly alternatives to commonly used apps and creates guides that non-technical people can follow with ease. Follow them at
  3. Yale Privacy Lab is an initiative to explore privacy, security and anonymity through cybersecurity workshops. Apart from tooting themselves, they also boost a lot of important toots. Follow them at
  4. don't toot much, but you really don't want to miss it when they do. Follow them at
  5. NGIZero supports a lot of privacy enhancing projects (EteSync included!), so it's worth keeping track of them to discover more. Follow them at

If you don't mind a bit of German in your timeline, here are some great profiles to follow that post both in German and English:

  1. Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is one of the world's largest hacker organization, and they toot a lot about privacy and security. Follow them at
  2. CryptoParty organizes events that raise awareness of the importance of internet privacy. Look out for events organized near you, and for all other privacy-related toots. Follow them at

Last but not least, EteSync is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy respecting sync for your contacts, calendars and tasks. We toot about the service and all things privacy. Follow us at

Don’t forget to search for profiles of your other favorite organizations and free software projects because there are plenty of them out there that are worthy of your attention.

Have we missed anyone important? Toot at us your favorite profiles!

Let your Mastodon adventure begin!