About a month ago we opened registration to the public and uploaded the first version of the app to both Google Play and F-Droid. We have seen a surprising amount of registrations, good amount of  feedback (but there is never enough, please don't hesitate to contact  us) and even external contributions.

Current version

Since the initial release we added two important (and often requested) features to EteSync: viewing the change journal and import of vCard (contacts) and iCal (calendar events) files.

The change journal

One of the key features of EteSync is the change journal. As you may know, all the changes to your contacts and calendars are logged into a secure journal. This adds to the safety of your data, but also lets you review the history of your contacts and calendars so you can for example retrieve accidentally  deleted events, or figure out when a contact was added to help figure  out who that person may be. This journal has always been kept, but until  recently, it was not possible to view it. We added a very basic way to view the journal  in its raw form, but in the future we plan on adding search, improving  the looks and data, and adding other actions, like for example,  reverting a change.

Import of contacts and calendars

As for the import, while you don't have to import your existing contacts and calendars to EteSync in order to make use it, it makes managing them easier (by having everything in one place), and was a much wanted feature. We are happy to announce, that you can now import contact and calendar  files directly from the app, with importing from existing accounts on  the device in the works. For more information on how to import your contacts and calendars,  please refer to the relevant FAQ entry.

These are the key features introduced this month, but the list doesn't end here. For a more detailed summary of the changes please refer to the ChangeLog, or since Etesync is open source, you can even refer to the git history.

Planned features

As mentioned above, two of the main features planned for the coming weeks are improving the journal and importing contacts and calendars from existing accounts on the device. In addition to those, we also plan on adding support for securely sharing your calendars with other users. We would also like to start looking into integrating with desktop mail clients and releasing CLI tools for better desktop access.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we would like to hear your thoughts. Do you have some suggestions? Noticed an issue? Please send patches, report issues, or contact us.